What stories we tell

Catriona, Juliet and Lisa will tailor stories to your theme. We write stories from personal experiences, tell stories from the Bible, retell fables, write original puppet scripts, and retell published stories from well-known authors.

Values are an important part of all our stories, exploring different characters
and how they respond to particular situations. These values include:

understanding, tolerance and inclusion
doing your best
honesty and trustworthiness
fair go
care and compassion

(Values from ‘Values Education for Australian Schooling, Commonwealth of Australia 2005’)

'Sticks and Stones' - Join Dizzy, Margaret the Magpie, Princess Leora and Eduardo the naughtiest boy in the world as they explore how the power of words can be used to build up or tear down. Show time = 40 minutes - watch out for balloons!

'It's all Mine Mine Mine!' - Juliet and Catriona from Wide Eyed Stories introduce fantastically crazy characters from well loved children's books through puppetry and drama.  Discover how Pepperface Meg learns about sharing in the story of 'The Queen who Stole the Sky'; check out Captain Granny Pants take on 'The Greedy Baker' in a Peruvian fable; watch out for Margaret the possessive swooping magpie puppet in 'The Magpie and the Mouse'; and meet Dizzy the Practically Perfect Pink Puppet (she thinks so) as she learns it is not all 'mine mine mine!'.  Show time = 40 minutes - listen out for the thunderstorm!
'That's what friends are for' - Meet a puppet who has lost her hat (not again Dizzy!), a chef who knows how to make soup from stone, the monster in Mary Elizabeth's house, chickens, magpies and a mouse in these stories about finding friends and taking care of them.  Show time = 40 minutes - watch out for flying eggs!

'New Beginnings' - What is the real story behind the first Easter? Investigate Easter with Horatio Barnaby as he uncovers clues and mysteries, including the story of the centurion who saw it all.  Dizzy also investigates Easter eggs, well, eating them.  Show time = 30 minutes.
Of course, we also continue to tailor stories to your classroom themes so if you require a particular topic to be covered please let us know.  And remember to book early for our popular Christmas shows!

Catriona Pine – 0403 187 074 – catriona@wideeyedstories.com.au | Juliet Briner – 0427 071 860 – juliet@wideeyedstories.com.au