What we do

We tell stories appropriate to the age group of the audience using a variety of mediums:
oral retelling, puppets, drawing, interaction & songs

Stories can be intimately told for small young groups, or crazy, exciting and loud
for big groups. Stories can be told at:
schools, special weeks such as ‘under eights week’, ‘literacy week’, day-care centres, kindys, libraries, festivals, museums, churches, RE programs, holiday programs, parties

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Imagine kids sitting, listening, visualising, wondering,
eyes wide with excitement and leaning forward in anticipation. This is what storytelling can do. What’s going to happen next? What is she going to say? What’s the puppet going to do? Can I join in?

‘Wide eyed stories’ is about capturing and
engaging children with storytelling, puppets,
activities and songs.

Catriona Pine – 0403 187 074 – catriona@wideeyedstories.com.au | Juliet Briner – 0427 071 860 – juliet@wideeyedstories.com.au