Who we are

Catriona, Lisa and Juliet’s favourite age group to tell stories with are 3-8 year olds. They practice daily with their own young children, and with the many children in their environments at school, church, playgroup and young visitors who come to their houses.

Juliet. Lisa and Catriona have current blue cards.

Juliet Briner

Juliet Briner has loved stories from the
time she woke up early just to read
a pile of books before catching the bus
before school. She loves stories about
independent adventurous girls.

Catriona Pine

Catriona Pine is an experienced
paediatric speech language
pathologist, and has spent the last
seventeen years working in schools

Juliet’s degree in visual arts and drama has developed a love of children’s theatre and education. She enjoys seeing a piece of theatre take shape and develop activities to extend the overall message and enjoyment of the play. Juliet has been involved in many theatre productions in churches and schools.

Presenter of the Children's Art Centre Toddler Tuesday program at the Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art, 2012.

around Brisbane. She has a particular interest in the ideas and creative stories in all children. She also loves supporting children with and without language difficulties to express themselves well.

Catriona has also had over 18 years experience telling Bible stories to children using anything she can to get their attention! Catriona has volunteered at churches, camps, holiday programs, festivals and schools.

Catriona loves puppets and the responses that they get. Catriona’s puppets are fun and engaging, and only
a little bit cheeky.

Lisa Tobin

Lisa Tobin joins wide eyed stories as an experienced children’s storyteller and worker. Lisa’s creative flair and organisational skills are integral when managing a puppet (like Dizzy!).


Hellllooooo, I’m Dizzy. Lovely to be here, as I totally should be. Catriona would be nothing without me!

I love talking, and eating pink lollies, and
playing in the spa in my puppet box. Sometimes
I mishear things, and I have a short attention sp…wait..
is that an ice cream truck?

Catriona Pine – 0403 187 074 – catriona@wideeyedstories.com.au | Juliet Briner – 0427 071 860 – juliet@wideeyedstories.com.au