Why we tell stories

Listening and telling stories is SO important to a child’s development.
Stories help with:

understanding culture
developing values
understanding how other people think
identifying with characters
listening and comprehension skills
understanding narrative structure

learning new vocabulary
transferring from oral to written language
understanding the rhythms and rhymes of talking
exploring and playing with language, sounds and words
internalizing grammatical structures of language

Why get Catriona, Lisa and Juliet to tell stories for you?

They are fun
They are mums
They love kids
They have over 50 years' professional and volunteer experience between them

They can leave activities and follow-up ideas to help support children in your class with oral language skills
Kids need to have stories read aloud to them (see www.memfox.com)
The puppets are very funny

Catriona Pine – 0403 187 074 – catriona@wideeyedstories.com.au | Juliet Briner – 0427 071 860 – juliet@wideeyedstories.com.au