‘Wide Eyed Stories’ is about capturing and engaging children with storytelling, puppets, activities and songs.

Imagine kids sitting, listening, visualising, wondering, eyes wide with excitement and leaning forward in anticipation. This is what storytelling can do. What’s going to happen next? What is she going to say? What’s the puppet going to do? Can I join in?

What we do

We tell stories appropriate to the age group of the audience using a variety of mediums: oral retelling, puppets, props, drawing, interaction and songs.

Stories can be intimately told for small young groups, or crazy, exciting and loud for big groups. Stories can be told at: schools, special weeks such as ‘under eights week’ and ‘literacy week’, day-care centres, kindys, libraries, festivals, museums, churches, RE programs, holiday programs and parties.

Who are we

Catriona, Lisa and Juliet’s favourite age group to tell stories with are 3-8 year olds. They practice daily with their own children, and with the many children in their environments at work, school, church, playgroup and young visitors who come to their houses. Juliet. Lisa and Catriona have current blue cards.

Catriona Pine

Catriona Pine is an experienced paediatric speech language pathologist, and has spent the last 25 years working in schools around Brisbane. She has a particular interest in the ideas and creative stories in all children. She also loves supporting children with and without language difficulties to express themselves well. Catriona has also had over 30 years experience telling Bible stories to children using anything she can to get their attention! Catriona has volunteered at churches, camps, holiday programs, festivals and schools. Catriona loves puppets and the responses that they get. Catriona’s puppets are fun and engaging, and only a little bit cheeky.

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Juliet Briner

Juliet Briner has loved stories from the time she woke up early just to read a pile of books before catching the bus before school. She loves stories about independent adventurous girls. Juliet’s degree in visual arts and drama has developed a love of children’s theatre and education. She enjoys seeing a piece of theatre take shape and develop activities to extend the overall message and enjoyment of the play. Juliet has been involved in many theatre productions in churches and schools. Presenter of the Children’s Art Centre Toddler Tuesday program at the Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art, 2012.

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Lisa Tobin

In a galaxy far away, Lisa used to find ways to bring humour to her patients as a RN. Fast forward to the present day, and she’s still bringing the “ funnies”, whether it be to her own family, many kids programs at her church, for the last 18 years, or now, as a teacher aide. 

Lisa loves to tell a good story, especially if it involves taking on a character, that can wear zany costumes! She loves to see little faces, engaging with the characters and the tales they tell.  She also has a soft spot for her favourite puppet, Dizzy.

Why we tell stories

Listening and telling stories is SO important to a child’s development.
Stories help with:

  • understanding culture
  • developing values
  • understanding how other people think
  • identifying with characters
  • listening and comprehension skills
  • understanding narrative structure
  • learning new vocabulary
  • transferring from oral to written language
  • understanding the rhythms and rhymes of talking
  • exploring and playing with language, sounds and words
  • internalising grammatical structures of language

Why get Catriona, Lisa and Juliet to tell stories for you?

  • They are fun, mums and they love kids!
  • They have over 50 years’ professional and volunteer experience between them
  • They can leave activities and follow-up ideas to help support children in your class with oral language skills
  • Kids need to have stories read aloud to them (see www.memfox.com)
  • The puppets are very funny

What stories we tell

Catriona, Juliet and Lisa will tailor stories to your theme. We write stories from personal experiences, tell stories from the Bible, retell fables, write original puppet scripts, and retell published stories from well-known authors. Their stories promote:

  • understanding, tolerance and inclusion
  • doing your best
  • freedom
  • integrity
  • honesty and trustworthiness
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • fair go
  • care and compassion

Values from ‘Values Education for Australian Schooling, Commonwealth of Australia 2005’

Sticks and Stones

Show time = 40 minutes | Listen out for the balloons!
Join Dizzy, Margaret the Magpie, Princess Leora and Eduardo the naughtiest boy in the world as they explore how the power of words can be used to build up or tear down.’

It’s all Mine Mine Mine!

Show time = 40 minutes | Listen out for the thunderstorm!

Juliet and Catriona from Wide Eyed Stories introduce fantastically crazy characters from well loved children’s books through puppetry and drama. Discover how Pepperface Meg learns about sharing in the story of ‘The Queen who Stole the Sky’; check out Captain Granny Pants take on ‘The Greedy Baker’ in a Peruvian fable; watch out for Margaret the possessive swooping magpie puppet in ‘The Magpie and the Mouse’; and meet Dizzy the Practically Perfect Pink Puppet (she thinks so) as she learns it is not all ‘mine mine mine!’.

That’s what friends are for

Show time = 40 minutes | Listen out for flying eggs!

Meet a puppet who has lost her hat (not again Dizzy!), a chef who knows how to make soup from stone, the monster in Mary Elizabeth’s house, chickens, magpies and a mouse in these stories about finding friends and taking care of them.’

New Beginnings

Show time = 30 minutes

What is the real story behind the first Easter? Investigate Easter with Horatio Barnaby as he uncovers clues and mysteries, including the story of the centurion who saw it all. Dizzy also investigates Easter eggs, well, eating them.

Of course, we also continue to tailor stories to your classroom themes so if you require a particular topic to be covered please let us know. And remember to book early for our popular Christmas shows!